395 ASSOCIATES, LLC, A Delaware limited liability company, ESTATE HOMES, INC., A Delaware Corporation, ALLIED HOMES, and FRANK E. ACIERNO, Petitioners v. NEW CASTLE COUNTY, A Political Subdivision of the State of Delaware, NEW CASTLE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE, and administrative agency of NEW CASTLE COUNTY and GEORGE O. HAGGERTY, as NEW CASTLE COUNTY CODE OFFICIAL, Respondents.

C.A. No., 03M-06-039RSG.Superior Court of Delaware, New Castle County.
Decided: June 29, 2003.

Now this 27th day of June 2003, the Court recognizes that the Respondents have issued letters of compliance to the Petitioners as requested in this action.

IT IS THEREBY ORDERED, that the Writ of Mandamus is dismissed with prejudice.